How do I White-List Programs on Avira?

By Ilya Kovic

Avira Premium Security Suite comes with a firewall setting that can block or allow individual programs depending on application and adapter settings. Application settings provide rules for how certain programs run. Adapter settings provide rules that govern hardware functions. Those settings can be configured by users to allow certain programs to be "white-listed" and run with privileged access. These programs run at the discretion of the user.

Step 1

Open the Avira Control center. Click "Configuration" in the top-right.

Step 2

Select "Expert Mode" in the top-left corner to access a wider range of settings.

Step 3

Expand the "Firewall" menu by clicking the "+" next to it. Select "Application rules" to bring up the application menu. From there you can configure all of the privileges for individual applications.

Step 4

Click "Add Application" from the Application rules menu. A new window will open containing a list of recently used programs. If the program you want to allow is not listed, select "Browse for other applications..." to find it. Select the program and click the "Add" tab.

Step 5

Set the program mode to "Privileged" in the Application rules menu. Change the action to "Allow." Click "Apply" to save your changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are logged in as an administrator, you can control access to programs from the application rules menu for individual users.