How to Access Zoom box

By WayneC

When viewing the "Notes" field in Microsoft Access, you may notice that the field is not wide enough to display its full content. This can make reading the "Notes" field difficult. Fortunately, Access has a "Zoom" box feature that allows you to read the full contents of the "Notes" field. You can even edit the content.

Step 1

Open Access, and open the "Employees" table.

Step 2

Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to scroll right until the "Notes" field appears.

Step 3

Click on any record in the Notes field, and press the "Shift" and "F2" buttons. The "Zoom" box opens.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you make any changes to the information while viewing the "Zoom" box, those changes are displayed after you close the "Zoom" box. (See Source 1)

References & Resources