How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Word

By Techwalla Computers Editor

It's easy to add punch to your Microsoft Word document with a watermark-a text, picture or graphic design-that appears behind or on top of the text of an existing Word document. Here's how to create a watermark using Microsoft Office Word 2003.

Step 1

Click on "Format" on your Microsoft Word toolbar.

Step 2

Point the cursor to the "Background" option and click on "Printed Watermark."

Step 3

Select whether you want a picture or text as the watermark for your document.

Step 4

Choose "Picture Watermark" if you want a picture or graphic watermark in your document, then click "Select Watermark." After that you simply choose the picture that you want to use as the watermark and click "Insert."

Step 5

Put a text watermark into your document when you click "Text Watermark" from the menu and then add the text you want to use as your watermark. Follow the instructions on the page to add any additional options, then click "Apply."

Step 6

View how your watermark will look on your printed document by clicking on "Print Layout View."

Tips & Warnings

  • To use a watermark in other versions of Microsoft Word, click on the "Help" menu in the Word toolbar.
  • When you view the document in the "Print Layout View," everything will appear in the location exactly as it will be on your final document, including the watermark, columns, headers, footnotes and text boxes.
  • Insert any watermark into the header or footer box with the cut and paste technique since the dialogue box is invalid for this application
  • Versions of Microsoft Word, other than Microsoft Office Word 2003, may have slight variations in the application process.

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