How to Add Captions to Photos

By Carol Adams

Captions added to a printed photo can be used to inform the viewer about what is pictured in the photo, who is in it, when it was taken or many other things. Creating these captions can be done in many different programs, from word processors to expensive and complex graphics or desktop publishing applications. However, a simpler and much less-complicated approach is to use the free Microsoft Paint application that comes with most PCs.

Step 1

Load the image you want to edit onto your computer.

Step 2

Start the Microsoft Paint application. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialog, browse to, and open, the photo you loaded.

Step 3

Go to the bottom of the image on the canvas and use to mouse to grab the middle handle and drag it down to create a bottom border space for your caption.

Step 4

Select the "Text" tool from the toolbar and, in the text options, choose the font size, style and color you want for the caption.

Step 5

Drag a text box in the border space under the photo. Then, type in your caption. Save your work.