How to Add Headers and Footers to Excel Documents

By Aaron Parson

When designing an Excel sheet for printing, add a header or footer by switching to the Page Layout view.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel Book
  • Microsoft Excel

Because Excel 2013 spreadsheets aren't broken into pages, Excel files don't often include headers and footers. Normally, if you wanted to add a note above or below your data, you would simply type it in a cell or add a text box. When you want to print a spreadsheet, on the other hand, you might need a uniform header and footer on every page.

Step 1

Open the View tab and switch to Page Layout view. Headers and footers only appear and are only editable in this view.


To use pages of a size other than 8.5x11 inches, open the Page Layout tab and click Size.

Step 2

Click Click to Add Header and type the text for your header. To add dynamic elements, such as the page number, open the Design tab and choose items from the Header & Footer Elements section. Because headers and footers repeat on every page, you need to use these elements for data that varies by page.

The Design tab only appears after clicking the header.


  • For example, to display a header that reads "Page 1 of 2" on the first page and "Page 2 of 2" on the second page, type Page, click Page Number, type of and click Number of Pages.
  • Excel provides some ready-made headers and footers in the Header and Footer drop-down menus on the Design tab.
  • The options Different First Page and Different Odd & Even Pages allow you to design page-specific headers and footers.

Step 3

Click Go to Footer on the Design tab or scroll down and click Click to Add Footer at the bottom of the page to design the footer. Adding a footer follows the same process as adding a headline.

Two ways to create a footer.


  • Unlike Word, Excel breaks headers and footers into three sections. Clicking directly on Click to Add Header/Footerplaces text in the center of the header or footer. To add left-aligned orright-aligned text, click in the blank space to the left or right of theClick to Add text box.

Step 4

Open File and click Print to print or see the print preview, including headers and footers.

Header in print preview.


If you switch back to Normal view while working, you won't see the header and footer, but they'll still show up when you go to print.