How to Add Music to a Microsoft Word Document

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you ever wanted to add music to a Microsoft Word Document? You can. Here's how.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word on your computer
  • Music files on your Computer
  • A sound card on your computer
  • A program to play the music, such as Real Player
  • Speakers

Step 1

Click "Insert" when you are in a Microsoft Word document. Then click "Object."

Step 2

Click "Browse." Locate the sound you want. Most likely you can find it in the My Music folder. You also might find music, or other sounds, like a phone ringing or chimes, by clicking My Computer, the C drive, the Windows folder, then the Media folder. Double click the desired sound.

Step 3

Listen. The sound might start to play, it depends on the type of computer you have. On the other hand, you may have to double click on a link that was created.

Step 4

E-mail the document, with the music, to a friend if you want.