How to Add Videos to ITunes as TV Shows

By Benjamin Aries

The Apple iTunes media program automatically sorts files in your library based on their type. For instance, the software groups your music into one section and your audiobooks into another, so that you can easily find what you are looking for. However, iTunes sometimes has difficulty determining exactly how to categorize your media. Video files are often placed into the Movies category, even if they are short video clips or television episodes. You can use the Media Kind setting to manually tell iTunes where a file belongs, and to sort TV shows into the correct category.

Step 1

Click the "File" menu and choose "Add File To Library." If this menu is not visible, press the "Control-B" key combination to reveal it.

Step 2

Browse to the location where your video is located. Select the specific video file you want to add, and click "Open." The video imports into iTunes, and appears in your library.

Step 3

Select the newly-added video file in iTunes. If you do not see it, click the media drop-down menu near the top left corner of the screen, and choose "Movies." Alternately, enter the video title in the search area.

Step 4

Right-click on the video in the iTunes library, and choose "Get Info." A summary of information about the file appears in a new window. Choose the "Options" tab.

Step 5

Click the drop-down menu labeled "Media Kind" to display a list of available media types. Select "TV Show," and then click "OK." Apple iTunes now treats the video as a TV show, and the file appears in the "TV Shows" section of your library.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you change the Media Kind setting of a file, the change also applies when you sync your media. For instance, if you change a video to a TV Show and then sync your iTunes library with an iPod or Apple TV, the video will display in the TV Show category on your device.
  • You can assign other media types in addition to TV Shows. On the Media Kind drop-down menu of the the Get Info window, you may choose Home Video, Music Video, as well as several other options.
  • These steps apply to Apple iTunes 11. The instructions may vary for other versions of the software.