How to Allow Programs in AVG

By Nick Peers

The Firewall component of your AVG Internet Security 2014 security solution may block programs it deems dangerous and prevent them from connecting to the Internet. If you are certain that a program blocked by AVG is in fact safe, unblock it by changing the AVG security settings. You don't need to restart your computer after you make the changes; the programs are unblocked immediately. Be careful -- if you unblock a dangerous program, you allow it to send and receive potentially dangerous data.

Step 1

Open the AVG Control Panel by double-clicking the AVG icon in the system tray. Click the "Firewall" icon to display the Firewall screen. To ensure AVG doesn't block applications in the future without asking for permission, click the "Change" button in the Firewall Mode section, select the "Interactive mode" option and then click "Apply" and "OK." When this option is selected, AVG prompts you to allow or block new applications.

Step 2

Click the "Settings" button and then select the "Applications" tab. All applications installed on your computer are displayed in a list. The list can be quite long, so you have to scroll down until you find the program you wish to unblock.

Step 3

Click the "Block" icon next to the application name in the Action column and select "Allow" from the menu to unblock the program. Click "Apply" to apply the new settings and then click "OK" to close the window.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the "Expert mode" button to view all available settings. You can change any of the settings if you are an administrator. Note that expert settings affect the way the firewall functions, so you may accidentally put your data at risk by changing them.
  • If you changed the settings of the firewall and don't know the defaults, reset the settings to default values by opening the AVG Control Panel, clicking "Firewall" and then clicking the "Reset to default" button next to the Settings button.
  • From the Firewall Settings screen, you can change the file and printer sharing settings. Select the "File and Printer Sharing" tab and then click the "Disabled" link to enable sharing or the "Enabled" link to disable sharing. Click "Apply" to apply the settings.
  • You can disable the firewall entirely from the Firewall Settings screen by selecting the "General" tab and then selecting the "Disable firewall protection (not recommended)" option. Click "Apply" to apply the changes.
  • Select "Block Internet access" instead of "Disable firewall protection (not recommended)" to keep the firewall up but block all Internet connections. Click "Apply" to apply the new settings.
  • Do not unblock programs that are potentially dangerous. Many programs that are installed without your consent, such as toolbars and download managers, are dangerous. If AVG warns you that a legitimate program contains a virus or Trojan horse, do not unblock it. Disinfect the files and then unblock the program; if disinfection is impossible, allow AVG to remove the files and then download the program from a trusted source and reinstall it.