How to Authorize a Cyberlink YouCam

By Gabriele Sturmer

CyberLink YouCam lets you broadcast and record video using your webcam and supports special effects and virtual avatars. After you create and edit a project, you can use the program's sharing options to upload the video to your Facebook wall or to your YouTube page. Uploading videos to these websites requires that you authorize your YouTube or Facebook account for use with YouCam. Authorization needs to be done only once for each website, and you can enter your video's information directly from YouCam.

Step 1

Open Cyberlink YouCam and click the video you want to upload in the bottom area of the window. Click the "Share Selected Media" icon in the area on the right.

Step 2

Click the "YouTube" icon to authorize YouCam for posting videos on YouTube. Type your YouTube account credentials, click "Remember Me" and then click "Next." Type a title, description and tags for the video and then click a video category. Click "Public" or "Private" for the video's visibility and then click "Next." Agree to the terms and conditions and then click "Upload" to authorize your account and to upload the video. Click "Finished" after the upload completes.

Step 3

Click the "Facebook" icon to authorize YouCam for posting videos to your Facebook account. Click "Authorize" in the panel to the right and then log in to Facebook on the page that opens in your browser. Click "Allow" and then return to YouCam to click "Continue" on the program's right pane window. Type a video title and description and then click "Upload." Click "Finished" after the upload finishes.