How to Auto Start Docky in Ubuntu

By Tammy Clevenger

Docky is a window-docking application for the Ubuntu operating system that allows easy management of application windows. Docky enables the user to dock and "pin" windows in place. Ubuntu provides a feature similar to the "Startup" folder in Microsoft Windows. Using the "Startup Applications" feature, the user is able to set Docky to auto start in Ubuntu and Docky will remember window positioning upon startup.

Step 1

Click the "System" option on the top taskbar in the Ubuntu desktop.

Step 2

Click the "Preferences" option.

Step 3

Click the "Startup Applications" option. The Startup Applications dialog box will open.

Step 4

Click the "Add" button. A command dialog box launches.

Step 5

Type "Docky" (without quotes) in the "Name" input box.

Step 6

Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the "Docky" entry in the Installed Programs list. Click the entry. The entry lists in the second input box of the dialog box.

Step 7

Type a comment into the "Comment" input box, if desired. Click the "Add" button. Docky is now configured to auto start when the Ubuntu desktop starts.