How to Bcc in Outlook Emails

By Techwalla Contributor

Bcc, or 'blind carbon copy' (how quaint) is a way to send an email to a recipient with the address hidden, so that no other recipient knows about it. With bcc, you can add a name to an email distribution list, without the other people on the list being able to see the name.But if the bcc box in Outlook isn't turned on, with some simple steps you can find it, and enable it for your emails.

Step 1

Click on "New Mail Message" in Outlook.

Step 2

Go to the Options pull-down menu (in Word) or the View menu if you're not using Word.

Step 3

Make sure that "Show Bcc" is clicked (the language may simply say Bcc).

Step 4

Use the Bcc box to send 'blind' copies of emails, that won't be seen by those in the To and Cc fields. Simply enter the recipient's name in the bcc box (now that it's enabled).

Step 5

See the links in Resources for more information on using Bcc in Microsoft Outlook emails.

Tips & Warnings

  • I often bcc emails to myself, so that I can make sure the transmission goes through, and that the message received is properly formatted.