How to Bcc in Outlook Emails

Blind carbon copy is a way to send an email to a specific recipient with the address hidden, so that no other recipient knows about it. The Bcc field works well to include your boss or co-workers in an email sent to a client and for mailing lists. Including your own email allows you to be sure the email is sent properly and view the formatting the same way a recipient does.

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Click the "New Mail Message" button in Outlook or from the "Actions" menu. Click the "Options" pull-down menu in Word or the "View" menu in Outlook's message composer.


Click the "Bcc" or "Bcc field" option to enable it. Enter the email address of the recipient you want to Bcc in the field provided.


Compose the message as you normally would. Click "Send" when you're finished. The other recipients will not see anyone in the Bcc field. Recipients in the Bcc field are not visible in the "Sent" folder of Outlook.

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