How to Become a PC Repair Technician

By Steve Smith

If you want to become a PC repair technician, there are a few roads to travel. The first is the most traveled, and that involves getting your A+ Certification and then finding a job. We will take a look at that particular path.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Free nights and weekends
  • Aptitude for computers
  • Training

How to Become a PC Repair Technician

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with everything you can about your PC. Learn how to install and un-install programs (you will be doing a lot of this), how to troubleshoot devices, and memorize the tools and options in all the Windows environments.

Step 2

Take a class in basic PC repair, one that will prepare you for the CompTIA certification as an A+ PC Repairman. There are two certifications, one in software and one in hardware. Take both and plan to spend a few weeks in a full-time class, or a month or more in a part-time class. You will also need to study on the weekends.

Step 3

Follow your course training, and every time you learn a new skill, practice it in the real world. Work on an old computer that is fast enough and has enough memory to run Windows 2000, if you do not feel comfortable working on one you use everyday.

Step 4

Complete your training course and then sign up to take the CompTIA A+ PC Hardware and Software certification test. These tests are offered at authorized testing sites in every state, and nearly every city.

Step 5

Pass the test and then continue to apply your skills in the outside world. Apply for a job at a local PC repair shop, or volunteer to fix simple computer problems at your church, a local club, store or at work if that is possible.

Step 6

Continue to apply for jobs as a PC Repair technician. Search the classifieds and internet job sites like Monster to look for openings. Many temporary staffing agencies hire certified PC repair techs to install point of sale (POS) systems and fix ATM machines. Look for these jobs in your area.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a certification, your boss might be more apt to let you try and fix minor PC problems at work, but don't ask unless you are comfortable fixing the problem. Talk to a few PC repair techs you know to ask how they got into the field.
  • Fixing PCs is a difficult task. It takes skill and knowledge, so do not try and perform difficult fixes that involve manipulating the registry files or any other difficult tasks without additional training.