How to Block Ads in Safari

Internet advertising means different things to users and website designers. Website owners frequently try to make ads visible but not annoying. The incentive for a website is that ads generate revenue and are the only revenue many sites receive. As a user, you prefer a clean uncluttered interface. Sites with too many ads provide a distraction to the content. Several methods exist to block ads on Apple's Safari Web browser. None of them work all the time and blockers sometimes block legitimate images or content.

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Navigate to a page containing written content you want to view, such as an article. Click the "Reader" icon that appears in the address bar after the page loads. Safari loads the article content without any of the surrounding webpage content.


Navigate to using Safari. The site includes several free extensions such as "AdBlock" or "Facebook Ads Blocker" to block ads while you surf. Click the "Install" button next to the extension you want to use.


Download userContent.css from This is a text file that gives Safari rules about how to render a webpage - in this case, what not to show. Move the file to home:Library:Safari and use Safari's "Advanced" preferences to set it as your stylesheet.

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