How to Block Ads in Safari

By Techwalla Contributor

One of the biggest problems I had with Apple's Safari web browser is that I couldn't block ads. After being a long time Firefox user, I became spoiled from browsing an internet free of advertising. Now there's a way to tell Safari to never show you an advertisement! In this article, I'll guide you through the process. Don't worry, it's relatively painless.

Things You'll Need

  • Safari

Step 1

Download userContent.css from or below in the resources section. This is a text file that gives Safari rules about how to render a webpage - in this case, what not to show.

Step 2

Save userContent.css to home:Library:Safari or if you've already downloaded the file, move it there.

Step 3

Open Safari. Go to the Preferences and hit the Advanced tab. Use the stylesheet dropdown to chose userContent.css. That's it! The internet is now ad-free!

Tips & Warnings

  • This will block a majority of graphical website ads, but no ad-blocker is perfect.
  • Many websites depend on ad click revenue to survive . . . including eHow! Just something to think about.

References & Resources