How to Block Adult Websites

By CherylG

Internet filtering is an effective way of blocking adult websites on a computer. Sites that are unsuitable for children may be accidentally accessed when a child performs a search or surfs the net looking for a specific site. Older children may even access adult sites intentionally. To block unacceptable sites from being seen by children, add Internet filtering software or adjust the browser settings so that adult content is not allowed. Internet filtering is not a substitute for parental supervision, but does provide added security.

Step 1

Adjust browser settings to block adult websites. On Internet Explorer click "Tools," then "Internet Options." Next, click on the "Content" tab.

Step 2

Enable the "Content Advisor." Select desired settings from the "Ratings" tab. Decide on ratings for language, sex, violence and nudity. Set each rating individually.

Step 3

Use the "Approved Sites" tab to name sites that children are always able to view. Include favorite sites that are frequently visited. Selected sites will always be allowed, no matter what the rating.

Step 4

Type in a password that children using the computer do not know. The password keeps settings from being changed by children. Questionable sites can be allowed by the parent using the password if the site is found to be acceptable.

Step 5

Install an Internet filter. Download a free filter online or purchase software to block adult websites. Popular filters include We-blocker, NetNanny and CyberPatrol.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always monitor a child's Internet use. Keep computers in public living areas where you can see what sites your child visits.