How to Block My IP Address

By Lyan Uaha

An Internet Protocol (IP) address can be blocked by using a proxy server. A proxy server acts as a go-between you and the server on the Internet. Normally, when you request a file or information from the Internet, you are dealing directly with the server. The serving machine then logs you IP. If you do not wish to have your IP address logged, you can download a proxy server such as Ultra Surf, which will block your IP address.

Things You'll Need

  • UltaSurf 9.6

Block the IP Address with UltraSurf Proxy Server

Step 1

Download UltaSurf 9.6 from the following link:

Step 2

Extract the " file."

Step 3

Double-click on the "u96.exe" icon.

Step 4

UltraSurf proxy server is now enabled, and your IP address is blocked. To see your changed IP address, visit the following website:

Add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

To use UltraSurf on Mozilla Firefox, you have to download and install an add-on from the following link:

Step 2

Extract the "" file.

Step 3

Click and drag the "wjbutton_en.xpi" file icon on to the Firefox window.

Step 4

In the pop-up that opens, click on the "Install" button.

Step 5

To enable proxy server, double-click on the "u96.exe icon," go to the "Tool" menu in Firefox and then click on "Add-ons."

Step 6

In the "Add-ons" window that opens, click on "UltraSurf Firfox Tool," and then click on the "Enable" button. Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.