How to Block Websites on a Mac

By Jerel Jacobs

If you do not wish to allow unrestricted web access on your Mac, you can limit the websites that the Safari browser will allow to be viewed. This is especially important if you are sharing the computer with small children or with guests and do not want them to have access to websites that may not be safe or appropriate.

Step 1

Open the system preferences pane. There is a shortcut on the dock that is shaped like a gear and says "System Preferences."

Step 2

Locate "Parental Controls" and select it by clicking the icon. If you have multiple user accounts enabled, you will be able to choose the account to which you wish to apply restrictions. Enter a password if necessary.

Step 3

Click "Enable Parental Controls." This will bring you to the main menu for setting the parental control parameters for the Safari web browser and other programs on the Mac.

Step 4

Locate the "Content" tab and click on it. Next, under Safari, select the type of restrictions that you would like to enable. Choose "Try To Limit Access To Adult Websites Automatically" if you want Safari to block access to pornographic or other adult sites automatically. If you want to create a list of acceptable sites, select the option to "Allow Access To Only These Websites." Enter the names of the websites that you want to allow Safari to access in the table provided. When you are finished, exit Parental Controls/System Preferences and your changes will automatically be saved. The Safari web browser will only allow access to the websites that you have specified.

Tips & Warnings

  • For safety and security reasons, never allow a young child to have unrestricted access to the internet.