How to Boot uLaunchELF From a CD

By Stephen Lilley

The program uLaunchELF is a third-party file browsing system that is designed to allow you to run various "home brew" and "user created" programs and games on your Sony PlayStation 2 video game console. This program does not require you to modify your PlayStation 2 in any way, so it does not void your PS2's manufacturer's warranty. Booting into uLaunchELF from a CD is no different than loading a regular game on the system.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button the front of your PS2 to turn the console on.

Step 2

Press the "Eject" button on the front of your PS2 to open the console's disc tray.

Step 3

Place your uLaunchELF CD into your PS2's disc tray.

Step 4

Close the disc tray. Restart your PS2. Your PS2 will now boot off of your uLaunchELF CD.

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