How to Build an Interactive Blog

By Sharon L. Cohen

Blogs are becoming a very important part of online marketing strategy. Instead of websites, which normally have static or unchanging copy, these blogs are journals that are continually updated by the authors and cover a specific topic. Interactive blogs go one step further than blogs by providing site visitors an opportunity of adding their own input and feedback about the subject area. Here are some ways to make your blog more interactive.

Step 1

Give your visitors the opportunity to comment on your articles. Blogs should be a two-way communication vehicle. The comments link lets readers respond to your content. You can get an easy-to-add "comments widget" by going online to sites such as (see Resources below).

Step 2

Add a forum to your blog for interaction among the users. The forum is an extended comments section, since your visitors can communicate with each other as well as the blog author. You can get a Freeweb widget to easily add this forum (see Resources below).

Step 3

Entertain your visitors and motivate them to keep on coming back with fun contests. These are a great way to add names to your mailing list, as well. They can be a simple weekly drawing with a low-cost prize, or more involved, such as sending in photographs related to a theme.

Step 4

Ask readers to send in their own short articles for your blog. Or pick up articles from other blogs that have a similar theme. There are numerous people who have a wealth of information to share with others.

Step 5

Include a survey of the users regarding a topic of interest. For example, on a parenting blog ask whether or not they would like to see the end of daylight savings time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask your readers how they would like you to make your site more interactive. They are the best ones to decide.
  • Do not use too many interactive vehicles, or your blog can become too cluttered in appearance.

References & Resources