How to Burn a CD+G for Karaoke

By Jason Taetsch

CD+G stands for Compact Disc plus graphics. CD+G or CDG files contain both the audio for a track and graphics (lyrics) associated with it. While normal CD players are compatible with the audio portion of the file, a karaoke machine is needed to display the graphics along with the music. Burn the CDG files for use in a karaoke machine with the native burner software included with the Windows operating system.

Things You'll Need

  • blank CD-R

Step 1

Insert the blank CD-R into the computer's disc drive. Wait for the computer to recognize the disc and click the "Burn files to data disc" option that appears.

Step 2

Type in a name for the CD+G disc and click the "Show Formatting Options" button.

Step 3

Select the "Mastered" format and click on the "Next" button to format the disc and launch a staging folder for the burn process.

Step 4

Right click "Start" and choose "Explore" from the context menu. Open the folder that contains the CD+G files you want to burn. Click on the file and drag it into the staging folder. Hold down Ctrl while you click to drag multiple files at one time.

Step 5

Click the "Burn to Disc" button on the Folders toolbar to start the burn process. Your burner will write the CD+G files to the CD and eject the disc when the process is complete.