How to Burn a Quicktime Movie to a DVD Using a PC

By Greyson Ferguson

QuickTime movies have a default video format of .mov. This is the format of choice for all Apple based hardware and software and isn't just limited to QuickTime. If you have a QuickTime file running on a PC, you are going to find the program does not directly support DVD burning. However, it is still possible to burn the .mov files onto a blank DVD while using any Windows computer system.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD burner
  • Blank DVD

Step 1

Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner of your Windows computer, and then close out the AutoPlay windows that load onto the screen.

Step 2

Launch Windows Media Player (located on the "Start" menu), then click "Burn.

Step 3

Choose "DVD" as the format of disc you want to create.

Step 4

Choose "Burn List," and then click and drag the .mov QuickTime video into the pull-down menu.

Step 5

Select "Start Burn" and Windows Media Player begins to write the .mov QuickTime video onto the blank DVD.