How to Change a 411 Directory Phone Number Listing

By Thomas McNish

The 411 directory is the largest directory of phone numbers in the United States. If your home or business number is in the phone book, that number is in the 411 directory. If, however, your phone number appears incorrectly in the 411 directory, or has changed, edit your information so that people looking for you can easily find you.

Step 1

Navigate to the White Pages website.

Step 2

Search for yourself by typing your name and address into the search fields. Click "Find" to continue.

Step 3

Locate yourself in the search results. Click the link next to your name that says "You? Claim and Edit."

Step 4

Change your phone number to the correct one. Save and confirm the changes when prompted. After White Pages verifies the validity of your request, your phone number will be changed in the 411 directory.