How to Change a Keyboard to Spanish

By Contributing Writer

Windows operating system supports keyboard layouts for virtually all languages. Specifically, Windows Vista supports as many as 22 dialects of Spanish. It allows you to use Spanish in all Windows applications, including Microsoft Office and the Internet Explorer Web browser. Section 1 below is a one-time procedure. As soon as a desired Spanish dialect is added, always go directly to Section 2.

Adding Spanish Language

Step 1

Log in to your user account in Windows Vista.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button and then "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click on "Clock, Language and Region."

Step 4

Click "Change keyboards or other input methods."

Step 5

Select the tab "Keyboards and languages" and click "Change keyboards."

Step 6

Select the tab "General" and click "Add."

Step 7

Scroll down a list of input languages and find the Spanish dialect you wish to install. For example, "Spanish (Mexico)."

Step 8

Click on the "+" sign that is to the left of the selected Spanish language. Then click on "+ keyboard" below the selected language.

Step 9

Check a box to select a desired keyboard layout. Note that useful options are either "Latin American" or "United States-International" layouts.

Step 10

Click "OK." The Spanish language is added and is listed under "Installed services."

Step 11

Select the tab "Advanced Key Settings." In the field "Action," you will see a key combination to switch between installed languages. It is "Left Alt+Shift" by default. Memorize or write down this key combination.

Changing to Spanish and Back to English

Step 1

Log in to your user account in Windows Vista.

Step 2

Press the key combination (default "Left Alt+Shift") found in Step 11 (Section 1) to switch from English to Spanish.

Step 3

Press the same key combination to change back to English.