How to Change a Phone Number With Time Warner Cable

By Anna Assad

You can change your Time Warner Cable telephone number if you do not want the number you received, but you cannot select the new number.Time Warner will select a number at random and assign it to you. You may have to pay a fee for a number change, and the amount varies by area.

Things You'll Need

  • Time Warner bill

Step 1

Locate your Time Warner bill, and find the account number on the bill. Have the it nearby when you contact the company.

Step 2

Contact Time Warner using the customer service number on the bill. Select the "Speak to a Customer Service Representative" option. Visit the official website of Time Warner to look up the local customer service center by zip code if you do not have a bill as service numbers vary by location.

Step 3

Request a new number. Ask what the fee is before completing the procedure, and follow all instructions from the Time Warner representative. Write the new number down for reference.