How to Change iTunes Password

By Aaron Parson

Learn how to pick a new password for iTunes on your computer or your iOS device to keep your account secure.

Your Apple ID and password work across iTunes and all of Apple's devices, and so both iTunes and iOS offer a way to change your password and the email address used for your ID. Even if you use iTunes and an iOS device, you only need to follow one of these methods, so pick whichever you prefer. After changing your password, however, you'll need to sign in again with the new password the next time you use iTunes on another computer or use your account on another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


  • Both methods require you to know your existing password. If you don't, tap iForgot in iOS or click Forgot? in iTunes, when prompted for your password, to reset it. Alternatively, reset it on the Apple ID website.

  • Apple has several requirements for new passwords. Your password must have at least eight characters, including one number, one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. It also can't have the same character repeated three times in a row, can't be the same as your account name and can't match a password you've used in the last year.

In iOS 8

Step 1

Open the Settings app and tap iTunes & App Store.

Step 2

Tap Apple ID, choose View Account and log in with your current password.

If you aren't signed in already, enter your password and tap Sign In first.

Step 3

Tap Apple ID again, on the Account Settings screen.

Open Apple ID in the settings.

Step 4

Enter a new password in both the Password and Verify fields, enter a new email address if you want to change your Apple ID, and then tap Done.

To keep the same email, only edit the Password and Verify lines.

In iTunes 12

Step 1

Open the Account menu at the top of iTunes -- on any page -- and click Account Info. Verify your current password to continue.

If you aren't already signed in, clicking the menu opens a login prompt.

Step 2

Click Edit on the Apple ID line.

To change other info, click Edit on the corresponding line.

Step 3

Enter your new password in the Password and Verify Password boxes. Enter a new email address if you want to change your email, and then click Done.

Edit your password or email address.


  • Another option for changing your password, available on any computer or online device, is the Apple ID website. Click Manage Your Apple ID to log in and edit your account details. To use this method you also need to provide the answers to your security questions.
  • The Apple ID website is the only place to change your security questions.