How to Change Stationery in Lotus Notes

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Adding your own personality to your Lotus Notes messages is a snap when you change your stationery. Using text, graphics, or both, will individualize your messages to friends and colleagues. Just follow these steps to personalize your stationery using Lotus Notes.

Things You'll Need

  • Lotus Notes software program

Step 1

Click "Tools" and then "Stationery" on the navigation pane. This will open the stationery view. The current letterhead will be a part of your stationery unless you select a different letterhead.

Step 2

Click the following choices in order: "Actions," "New," "Stationery," and "Personal." This will open the viewing area where you can make changes. You should see several bracketed areas.

Step 3

Insert text and graphics for the top of your message, the Header, after the first brackets. Options include your business letterhead, which would be different than changing your Lotus letterhead. Another good choice is a company logo.

Step 4

Insert text or graphics between the red brackets in the middle. These inserts will appear just before the body of your message. If you always send the same text in all your messages, you can place it here. An example would be, "Dear Sir." By creating different stationery for different needs, you can cover every type of email.

Step 5

Insert additional text, graphics, or a signature between the last two brackets. These items will be located at the end of your message. Often companies will add a disclaimer or a privacy statement in this location.

Step 6

Click "Save" and name your stationery. Once you've made new stationery, you can edit it by returning to stationery view, selecting the stationery you want to edit from the list, and then clicking "Edit."