How to Change Stationery or Backgrounds in Outlook Emails

By Techwalla Contributor

Microsoft Outlook 2010 allows you to customize emails by using stationery. Some stationery is installed with Outlook, but additional designs may be downloaded from the Web, along with new background themes. Available stationery options include features like images, different colors and various textures. Stationery allows you to choose special backgrounds and font styles to create great looking email invitations for parties, celebrations and holidays, or you can choose to put your company logo on stationery for business emails. You can set a default stationery for all email messages or choose stationery for individual emails.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access
  • Mail Service
  • Outlook Application

Step 1

Click "File." Choose "Options," then select "Mail."

Step 2

Select "HTML" in the list for "Compose Emails in This Format."

Step 3

To add stationery to a single email, click "New Items." Mouse over "Email Message Using" and click on "More Stationery." Select a stationery and click "OK." Write your email and send it to the recipient.

Step 4

To apply stationery to all emails, click "File." Go to "Options," then "Mail." Click "Stationery and Fonts." Select the "Personal Stationery" tab and click "Themes." Select the stationery you want and click "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • To find more stationery options, go to and search for Outlook stationery and then you may download any that are applicable to the version of Outlook you have. You may be able to find other stationery by doing a web search for "outlook stationery"; however you may have difficulties getting it to work properly without doing more than clicking on a download button. Using the GET MORE STATIONERY button from the Stationery Picker window should automatically take you to the download site on the internet.
  • If the stationery feature is not already installed with Outlook, you will be prompted to install it before continuing. You may need the CD that came with your Office software package in order to install this feature.