How to Change the ATI GPU Fan Speed

By Mike Wallace

PC video cards are very powerful, but this power comes with high operating temperatures. To combat this, video cards have powerful fans that cool the graphics processing unit (GPU) down. The fan automatically responds to changes in temperature in the card, speeding up when the chip is too hot and slowing down when the chip is cool. This can lead to a constant shifting in fan speed that some people find irritating to listen to. Manually adjust the fan speed to prevent unwanted variations in noise output. Modify fan speed on an ATI GPU from within Windows using ATI's Catalyst Control Center.

Things You'll Need

  • ATI Catalyst Control Center
  • ATI-compatible video card

Step 1

Right-click anywhere on your desktop. A context menu opens.

Step 2

Select "Catalyst Control Center." The software loads.

Step 3

Click on "Performance" in the left-hand column of Catalyst Control Center. A sub-menu opens.

Step 4

Select "AMD Overdrive" from this sub-menu. The main window of the Catalyst Control Center displays the AMD Overdrive page.

Step 5

Click the box "Enable AMD Overdrive."

Step 6

Click the box "Enable Manual Fan Control." The slider below it is now active.

Step 7

Slide the fan control slider to the desired speed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Lowering the fan speed can cause the GPU to overheat. Monitor the GPU temperature on the same page where you control the fan speed. Try to keep your GPU around 60 degrees Celsius.