How to Change the G510 Color

By Andrew Tennyson

You splurged on a fancy new Logitech keyboard, and now it's time to get your money's worth from that bad boy. The G510 gaming keyboard makes use of a customizable multiple backlight system designed to illuminate its keys. Take advantage of the Logitech Gaming Software program that came with your G510 keyboard to customize the device's features, including the color of its backlight. Let's get glowing.

Step 1

Launch the Logitech Gaming Software application. If you're unsure how to locate this program, swipe your mouse pointer to the top-right corner of your Windows 8 computer screen and enter "Logitech Gaming Software" in the Search charm. Select "Logitech Gaming Software" in the search results.If you enter "Logitech Gaming Software" into the Search charm and nothing comes up in the search results, the software is not installed on your computer. Logitech offers Logitech Gaming Software as a free download on its website. Download and install it.

Step 2

Click the "Light Bulb" icon to load the color picker palette. The Light Bulb icon is located on the menu that runs along the bottom of the Logitech Gaming Software window.

Step 3

Select the key you want to use to control the background color. Available keys are listed in the Logitech Gaming Software window.

Step 4

Select the color you want to apply to the key from the palette. Repeat this process to assign other colors to additional keys.

Step 5

Place a check mark in the "Enable per profile backlight settings" check box if you want to customize backlight colors for multiple user profiles. If you check this box, all valid profiles pop up in the Logitech Gaming Software window for customization. You can update them in the same way you updated your default profile.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Logitech keyboards can blend two colors together, while others let you select from multiple colors on a color wheel. Logitech Gaming Software automatically detects your G510's backlight capabilities and adjusts the on-screen color options accordingly.