How to Change the iPad Browser

When you take your iPad out of the box, it is loaded with Apple's proprietary Safari Web browser. For some people, Safari lacks the features they enjoy -- most notably Adobe's Flash, which plays videos and animations. The App Store contains many browsers compatible with iOS devices, so you can try out several to see which ones you prefer.

tablet in hand
Download a couple of browsers to compare features.
credit: Galina Peshkova/iStock/Getty Images

A Myriad of Options

To get started, navigate to the App Store on your iPad. Enter "web browser" into the Search box. If you regularly use Google products such as Gmail, you may opt to download Google's Chrome browser, which syncs with your Google account. Another option is Puffin, a browser that supports Adobe Flash -- not all browsers support Flash on iOS devices. Check out Atomic Web, which offers customizable designs and multitouch gestures. It clears your cookies and cache when you close it, so it saves valuable memory space. You'll also find plenty of other browsers to check out, including iCab, Opera Mini, Mercury Browser Pro and Dolphin, so take some time evaluating them to find one or two you like best. Internet Explorer, Firefox Sync or Firefox Home browsers are not available for iOS devices.