How to Change the Macbook Boot Order

By Hollan Johnson

Since all modern Macs are built with the Intel Pentium chips, they can run both the native Mac OS on their systems and Windows' OS's, as long as Boot Camp is installed. This means you have multiple operating systems to choose from that will boot up your MacBook when you start it up. However, if you want to change the MacBook boot order from the Mac OS to a Windows OS and vice versa it is quite easy.

Things You'll Need

  • Boot Camp

Step 1

Open “System Preferences” in the Apple menu.

Step 2

Click on “Start Up Disk.”

Step 3

Choose which OS you want your MacBook to boot from at start up.

Step 4

Press “Restart.” Your MacBook’s boot order is changed.

Step 5

Hold down the “Option” key at start up to choose which OS you would like to boot.

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose to boot the OS you use most frequently on your MacBook.
  • This process sets the default OS as the one you choose. Your MacBook will always boot as this OS unless you change it at start up or manually in System Preferences.