How to Change the Spam Filters in Hotmail

By Morgan O'Connor

Hotmail is a free email service provided by MSN. While using your Hotmail account, you may find that messages that should have come to your inbox got caught by the spam filter and ended up in your junk folder. On the other hand, you may find that junk mail keeps arriving in your inbox. These situations are easy to fix by changing the settings on your Hotmail spam filter.

Step 1

Go to and sign in to your email account.

Step 2

Click on the "Options" button. This button should be near the upper right corner of your Hotmail window. This will open a drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click on "More options" at the bottom of the menu. A new page will load.

Step 4

Click on "Filters and reporting" which is located under the "Junk e-mail" heading on this new page. A new page will load, and you will see a section called "Choose a junk e-mail filter."

Step 5

Review the various filter levels. These range from "Low - obvious junk e-mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder" to "Exclusive - everything is sent to the junk e-mail folder except messages from your contacts and safe senders, Windows Live Hotmail service announcements, and alerts that you signed up for."

Step 6

Click the button beside the filter of your choice. If you're receiving junk emails in your inbox, you should choose a higher level of filter. If good emails are being sent to your junk folder, choose a lower level.

Step 7

Click the "Save" button in the lower right corner of the screen.