How to Change the Taskbar Color

By Benjamin Aries

The Personalization menu of Windows 8 enables you to customize many aspects of your computer. One of the available settings is the window border color, which applies to the taskbar and the area around open windows. There are two ways to change this color: automatically or manually. The first method analyzes your desktop picture and chooses a color that matches the image. If you want more control, you can use the manual option to set the color yourself and to adjust the exact appearance of the taskbar.

Step 1

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to display the Charms bar. If you are using a keyboard, you can also press the "Windows-C" key shortcut. Choose "Search" and enter "Personalization" in the search area.

Step 2

Click "Settings" in the search results list and select "Personalization." A list of customization options and existing themes appears. Select "Unsaved Theme" to adjust how Windows appears.

Step 3

Choose "Color," which is located near the bottom of the screen. If you want Windows to intelligently adjust the taskbar color based on your background picture, click "Automatic" near the top left corner of the window. Press "Save Changes."

Step 4

Click one of the colored boxes to manually set the taskbar color. Move the "Color Intensity" slider left or right to adjust the brightness of the color. Remember that the Windows taskbar is somewhat transparent and any color you choose will appear slightly faded.

Step 5

Press "Show Color Mixer" to reveal additional color options and fine-tune the exact color of the taskbar. Move the "Hue" slider to choose the basic color. Adjust the "Saturation" and "Brightness" sliders until the taskbar is the exact shade that you want. Click "Save Changes" when you are satisfied.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you manually select a color but change your mind, you can still click "Automatic" to have Windows choose the color. The Automatic button is located in the top left of the color selection window.
  • After you create a color scheme that you like, you can save the settings as a theme. Open the Personalization window and select the unsaved theme from the My Themes section. Click "Save Theme," enter a memorable name and press "Save." You can quickly switch between your favorite color schemes in the My Themes window.