How to Change the Time Clock on Hotmail

By Jay Leon

Having the wrong time stamps on your emails can be confusing -- especially when you need to find messages from a specific date. To make sure the time on your Hotmail account is correct, keep your registered geographical information up to date. Should you travel or move, for example, log in to your account and change your settings to reflect your new time zone.

Step 1

Sign in to Hotmail. Click "Hotmail" and then click "Inbox" after you have signed in.

Step 2

Click "Options" on the right of the page. Click "More options."

Step 3

Click "Account details (password, aliases, time zone)" under "Managing your account."

Step 4

Click "Change" next to "Country/region." Set your country and region under "Home location" and "Work location" as well, if desired. Select a time zone from the "Time zone" list.

Step 5

Click "Save."