How to Change Your Homepage in Safari

By Tim Mammadov

Safari is the Web browser published by Apple and included as standard in the Mac OS X operating system, although you can download it at no charge for PCs as well. The homepage of your Web browser is the first one that comes up when you launch it. However, it could be changed by spyware or a newly installed application, or you could decide that you want to see your favorite website the moment you log on to the Internet. As it is with most other browsers, changing the homepage in Safari is almost effortless.

Step 1

Start the Safari browser and click the "Safari" menu option.

Step 2

Select "Preferences" and click the "General" tab in the new window.

Step 3

Type the new homepage address you want to set in the "Home Page" box or click the "Set to Current Page" button if you have already navigated to the right webpage.

Step 4

Close the window.