How to Change Your IP to Another Country

Your IP address is a number assigned to your computer when it is connected to the Internet. These numbers are assigned by your Internet Service Provider in the country you are in, and cannot be changed manually to act as if you were on the Internet in another country. However, you can surf the Web through a proxy server website located in another country to mask your original IP address and view content that is not usually available in your region.

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Browse the Internet with a free proxy server.


Navigate to a free proxy website in your Web browser. Good ones to use are "Public Proxy Servers," "Proxy Website" and "Surf Again."


Type in a website URL in the box on the free proxy website you choose. Click "Go" or "Browse."


Browse the Internet using the free proxy website to view content that is not readily available in your country. For instance, if you are in Canada, you can view websites that are only available in the United States such as Hulu and Pandora through the free proxy website. Close your browser when you are finished.

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