How to Check for Viruses on Streaming Videos

By Mitchell White

Streaming videos are movies that play directly from the Internet. Some of these videos begin playing from a particular video file that then launches your video player and connects to the site address in order to begin playback of the movie. Others play only from a particular website within your Web browser. Both websites and downloaded files can be dangerous enough to load a virus onto your computer, so it's a good idea to use tools to check either for a virus before use.

Step 1

Download and install WOT (Web of Trust) if you are playing a streaming video from your Web browser. This tool allows you to check what other users say about a particular website, including whether it commonly downloads viruses, before using that streaming website.

Step 2

Download and install Avira (see Resources). This antivirus program checks your computer for viruses in real time, automatically informing you and letting you stop the virus before it can do any damage from the streaming video.

Step 3

Use Malwarebytes (see Resources). This is a free anti-malware program. You can use it to scan a particular streaming video file for viruses before you activate it.