How to Check Grades Online

By Techwalla Contributor

How to Check Grades Online. If you're a student, checking your grades online can be a fast and easy way to keep on top of your performance in the classroom. If your instructors use the Internet to keep students up-to-date on grades and the latest class developments, you should regularly access your grades to chart your progress.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with your school's grade-reporting process. Some schools may only post official grades while teachers or professors may periodically post grades throughout the semester on class websites.

Step 2

Inquire about the necessary information to access your grades online. Official grade postings usually require authentication before access is granted to them. Schools may assign you an identification and PIN number to be used during the authentication process.

Step 3

Visit the website containing your grade information. School registrars, classroom websites and even virtual classroom content management systems like Blackboard can be used by instructors to post students' grades.

Step 4

Enter your personal information and login with your identification handle and password.

Step 5

Review your transcript for any changes and compare your current grades with past ones. Transcripts may also tell you what minimum grades are required to continue with your course of study.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some instructors may use regular websites to post grades. These instructors may assign random handles or other identification names to students to protect their privacy. In some cases, parts of a social security number may be used. Although this method of posting grades is not uncommon, remember that the information is public and not secure. Consider requesting that your instructor use a more secure grade reporting system.
  • Some instructors may offer classroom grade statistics to help you gauge your performance.