How to Check How Much Available Space Is on Your Mac's Hard Drive

Mac computers are are known for their graphics and video capabilities, so many Mac users tend to store large files. Storing many graphics and videos takes up a lot of space on a hard drive. Oftentimes, computer users don't realize they are running out of disk space until they try to download a large file or install a program. You can avoid disk space warning messages by periodically checking how much available space there is on your hard drive.


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Select the "Finder" and click your hard drive's icon. This is typically labeled "Macintosh HD."


Press "Command-I" from your keyboard. The Get Info dialog box will open.


Click the "Arrow" next to General. Read the data next to Available, which is the free space that remains on your hard drive.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apple recommends that you keep at least 10 percent of your hard drive free of data for optimal performance.
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