How to Check My AppleCare Warranty

By Gabriele Sturmer

Apple products come with a standard warranty that can be extended through the purchase of an AppleCare plan. Whether your product has the standard warranty or an extended protection plan, you only need your product's serial number to check when your hardware support and telephone support options expire. At the warranty status page on Apple's website, you can request support through a variety of online and offline methods, as well as set up an appointment at an Apple Store for necessary troubleshooting and repairs.

Step 1

Locate your product's serial number. It's located on the back or bottom of most products, including Apple TV, iOS devices, mice and keyboards. You can find your Apple computer's serial number through the "About This Mac" option on the Apple menu. The serial number is also visible on the packaging of most products.

Step 2

Visit the Apple website's "Check Your Service and Support Coverage" page (link in Resources).

Step 3

Type or paste your device's serial number in the box and click "Continue." The Apple website then shows which support options are available for the product and which are and aren't covered under your warranty. The estimated expiration dates for telephone support and repairs and services are shown.

Tips & Warnings

  • When viewing your product's warranty coverage, you can click "Contact Apple Support" to get help through the telephone, online chat, email or an in-person appointment at a local Apple Store. If you need to schedule a repair, click "Set Up a Repair" to get options for contacting Apple, mailing in a damaged product, or scheduling an appointment at the Apple Store or with an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  • You can also log in to the AppleCare Agreement Support website (link in Resources) to see a list of products for which you have AppleCare agreements. This does not, however, show products covered only by the standard warranty.
  • You must register your product's AppleCare Protection Plan before you can see its information on the Apple website.