How to Combine GIFs Into One Animated GIF

By Brian Kisese

A simple tutorial on how to combine multiple GIF files into one animated GIF using Adobe Photoshop.

Multiple GIF files can be combined into a single animated GIF through most modern graphics software such as GIMP and Adobe Photoshop and online through any one of several website that provide GIF content. For the online method one has to upload the images to a website offering this services whereby they will be processed and made available for download as a single animated GIF file.This article will describe how to create an animated GIF file using Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop and drag both GIF images to the program each in its own individual tab. The tabs can be re-sized so that both images are visible at simultaneously.

Step 2

On the Window menu make sure the animation option is checked. Then open a new empty file whose height should be preferably the sum of the heights of both GIF files. Save the file as MyGIF or any other preferable name.

Step 3

Go to the first GIF file's tab and on the animation toolbar find the menu icon on the top right corner. Then click on select all frames. After all frames are selected open up this menu again and click on copy frames.

Step 4

Click on the new MyGIF file tab to make sure it is selected. Go to its animation toolbar and click on the menu icon o the top right corner then click on paste frames. On the pop up dialog that appears make sure the Paste over Selection option is selected.

Step 5

Repeat steps three and four for the second GIF file. The MyGIF file should now have all layers of both GIF files present in its layers toolbar. The GIFs will have been pasted one on top of the other so now they need to be separated.

Step 6

On the MYGIF tab, elect all the layers of the second GIF file and click on the move tool on the tools toolbar. Drag these layers downwards so that they are just below the layers of the first GIF file. The GIFs can now be played from the animation toolbar to preview how they will look as one GIF.

Step 7

On the animation toolbar select on loop count options and pick one, the forever option should be already selected. The GIF file is now ready to be saved.

Step 8

Go to the file menu select the Save for Web and Devices option. A dialog box appears, from here it is possible to make editing changes to the GIF such as loop count and quality and view a preview before one saves the GIF.

Step 9

Once all options have been set, click on the save button and specify a save location. Your GIF will be saved and is now ready for use.

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