How to Compare Two Word Pad Documents

Wordpad is a simple rich text word processor that comes with Windows. While it isn't suitable for most writers who write professionally or write long documents, it works well for writing notes or smaller projects. One of the features lacking in Wordpad is the ability to compare two documents during the editing phase. While Wordpad doesn't have an option that lets you compare two documents directly, you can open two instances of Wordpad and look at the documents side by side. You can also use a third option that allows you to compare in more detail.

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Open a version of Microsoft Word with side by side document comparison capabiltiy. Go to the "File" menu and browse to find the first Wordpad document you want to compare. Browse to open the second Wordpad document you want to compare and click on it to open it.


Select the "Compare Side by Side" from the Windows menu of one of the Wordpad documents. This will tell Word to compare the two open documents side by side. The "Document Compare" feature will highlight the differences in the two documents using color coding to show the differences.


Merge the two compared documents by choosing the "Compare and Merge" command. This will merge the two documents together into one that incorporates the changes in both documents into a single cohesive document.

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