How to Connect a Slingbox With AT&T U-Verse

A Slingbox is a device that has to be connected to your AT&T U-Verse home network in order to operate properly. Your Slingbox will be connected to your television set as well as to your AT&T U-Verse computer router. This adds the Slingbox to your network, which will allow you to take content stored on your computer's hard drive and instantly view it on your television set via streaming technology.

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Verify that your AT&T U-Verse router (the device that connects all of the computers in your home to your network) has at least one Ethernet input available. Your Slingbox will require one Ethernet input on the router in order to be connected to your home network. If all of the slots on your router are taken up, you will need to unplug a computer (or purchase a larger router) in order to have your Slingbox connected to your network simultaneously with all other machines.


Plug an Ethernet cable connector into the back of your Slingbox. Your Slingbox has one Ethernet input on the back of its case.


Connect the same Ethernet cable to the available input you found on the back of your router in Step 1. This will automatically add your Slingbox to your AT&T U-Verse home network.

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