How to Connect to WiFi on a Router

By Hollan Johnson

Many modern electronic devices come with WiFi capabilities. From computers to cell phones or game consoles, many of them can connect to the Internet or other devices wirelessly as long as they have a way to access a WiFi network. A wireless LAN router enables any wireless device in your home to use WiFi. According to Wi-Fi Planet, wireless LAN creates a WiFi access point for all of the wireless devices in your home. All you have to do to use the wireless LAN router is set it up with a DSL or cable modem.

Things You'll Need

  • DSL or cable modem and Internet service
  • Ethernet cord

Step 1

Plug your wireless LAN router into a wall socket.

Step 2

Plug the router into your DSL or cable modem using the Ethernet cord. Be sure to plug the Ethernet cord into the port that says "WLAN" on the router.

Step 3

Move the wireless LAN router's antenna into the upright position.

Step 4

Turn on your computer or other wireless device's WiFi capabilities.

Step 5

Open your Internet browser or connect to other devices using the newly created WiFi network.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most modern computers have WiFi capabilities. If your computer is older you may need to buy WiFi card to be able to connect to the WiFi network.