How to Connect Toshiba Satellite Laptop to TV

By Dean Lee

Connecting a Toshiba Satellite Laptop to a TV is an ideal way to enjoy videos, photos and other media on the laptop on a much larger screen. Satellite Laptops can be connected to TVs using VGA, S-Video and even HDMI, though the TV has to have compatible inputs as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Toshiba Satellite Laptop
  • VGA cable or S-video cable
  • 1/4 inch to RCA audio Y-cable

Step 1

Connect the RGB cable or S-video cable to an open input on the TV. Depending on the type of TV, it may or may not have a RGB input. S-video may have to be used instead.

Step 2

Connect the 1/4 inch to RCA Y-cable into the TV using the same input as the VGA or S-video cable.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the VGA or S-video cable and the audio cable into the laptop. The video ports are on the sides of the laptop. The audio cable should go into the headphone jack of the laptop.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Toshiba Satellite Laptops and some TVs have HDMI capabilites. If this option is available it is preferable because a single HDMI cable carries both the video and audio signals.