How to Contact Gmail Customer Service

By Paul Higgins

Discover how to receive support for Gmail-related issues, either as a free Gmail user or as a Google Apps for Work customer.

If you cannot log in to your Gmail account or experience issues while using the Web mail platform, get help by visiting the Gmail Help Center or posting a new thread in the Gmail Help Forum. Alternatively, phone and email support is available to corporate users with a paid Google Apps for Work subscription.

Free Gmail Account

Search the Knowledge Base

Visit the Gmail Help website, enter keywords related to your issue in the search field and press Enter. Select the topic that most closely matches your issue from the search suggestions or from the topics listed on the next page and follow the steps listed in the article.

Gmail Help home page.


  • Some account or security-related help articles may contain an online form that lets you get in touch with the Gmail team.
  • As an alternative to using the search field, select a main category on the Gmail Help home page and a subcategory on the next page.

Post a Question on the Forum

Get help from other Gmail users by visiting the Google Help Forum and clicking the New Question button. Give a thorough description of the issue you are experiencing and wait for Gmail users to reply to your thread.

New Question button on the Google Help Forum home page.


  • You must be logged in to your Google account to post a question. Therefore, the Google Help Forum may not be suitable if you are currently unable to log in to your account.
  • Use the forum's search engine to check whether another user already posted a question related to the issue you are experiencing.

As a free user, Gmail does not allow you to contact its customer service department by phone. Getting support for Gmail requires you to either search the service's knowledge base or get help from other Gmail users by posting in the service's official help forum.


Before searching for an answer to your problem, consider visiting the Google Apps Status Dashboard to check whether a temporary service disruption may be responsible for your issue.

Google Apps for Work Customers

If you or your company is currently an active Google Apps for Work customer, you can receive support for all Gmail-related issues either by dialing the 1-877-355-5787 toll-free number or by clicking the Support icon in your Google Apps for Work admin console.


  • You can reach the Google Apps for Work support team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Visit the admin console and note down your support PIN before calling the Google Apps for Work support team.