How to Convert a DEB to IPA

By Peter Grant

If you use an iPhone that hasn't been modified by the jailbreaking process, then the applications installed on the phone are stored with the file extension ".IPA," but if your phone has been jailbroken, some of the applications may be stored using the ".DEB" file extension. Many iOS developers whose applications wouldn't be approved by Apple for use in the iTunes app store need to distribute them through third-party channels as ".DEB" files, but if they've made changes and want to submit them for distribution through iTunes, they'll need to convert the file to use the ".IPA" extension.

Things You'll Need

  • SSH client

Step 1

Install the DEB application you wish to convert to IPA onto your iOS device.

Step 2

Install an SSH client on your iOS device, such as WinSCP. Download the client through Cydia, which is automatically included with all jailbroken iOS devices, if you're unable to find one using another source.

Step 3

Launch the SSH client and navigate to the applications folder and the specific application by using the "cd" command as follows: cd/Applications/ Replace the "ApplicationExampleName" with the name of the actual application you wish to convert.

Step 4

Extract the ".APP" file to your desktop by copying it from its location and pasting it on your PC's desktop or in another folder.

Step 5

Launch the iTunes application on your computer. Click on the ".APP" file, then drag it into iTunes, where it'll be added to the "Applications" tab in the iTunes application window.

Step 6

Allow iTunes to automatically create an ".IPA" version of the ".DEB" version of the application, which occurs once the ".DEB" file is dragged into iTunes.