How to Convert a DOC File to XLS

By Paul Dohrman

A Word file with the .doc extension can be broken up into columns upon converting it into an Excel spreadsheet with the .xls extension. You can insert delimiters, such as commas or ampersands, to demark where you want Excel to break up the text into columns. Excel won't let you open a Word file directly, but it will open a text file, providing you with a workaround.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

Step 1

Open your Word file in Word and place special characters in each row where you want Excel to break up the columns. Rarely used characters such as @ and ^ are good choices, since they are unlikely to appear elsewhere in your text.

Step 2

Save your Word file as a text file, using the extension .txt.

Step 3

Open Excel and click "File" > "Open." Find and double-click the .txt file you just made. The text-to-column panel will open up.

Step 4

Click the radio button "Delimited." Click "Next."

Step 5

Enter the special character you used to delimit where you want the columns broken down.

Step 6

Click "Finish." Save the spreadsheet as an Excel file to preserve the column structure.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the Word document is too long, insert delimiters in every line of text. You can also select "Fixed width" instead of "Delimited" in the text-to-columns panel. Then you'd just click in the preview pane where the column breaks go. In that case, the number of characters in a column will be the same for every row.

References & Resources