How to Convert a GED File

By Greyson Ferguson

A GED file, also known as a GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) is a file created by a family tree program. With the program (there are multiple family tree software titles available that use this file format) you may map out your blood line, starting with yourself and stretching as far back as you are capable of discovering. Although these programs use GED files, you may choose to save the document as a PDF. This allows other programs the ability to display your created family tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Family tree software

Step 1

Open the family tree software used to create the GED file (such as Hereditree Family Tree Software, Reunion or RootsMagic). You may typically find these programs under the "Start," "All Programs" tab if they are installed on your computer.

Step 2

Select "File," "Open" and a browse window appears on the screen. Choose the GED file you want to load onto the screen and click "OK." The family tree file loads onto the screen.

Step 3

Select "File," "Save As" and a save window appears on the screen.

Step 4

Title the document, then choose a location to save the file to and click the format pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose "PDF" and the GED file saves as a PDF file.