How to Convert a Google Map Into a PDF

By Moriah Chesler

Google Maps is a free, online map service application that lets you view road maps and satellite maps based on an address. The address can be as specific as a street address or as generic as a country. Some addresses may have more information tagged with them, such as local businesses in the area, as well as pictures and videos that were submitted by other Google users. Maps can be navigated, zoomed, edited and printed. To convert a Google map to PDF, you need to download and install a virtual PDF printer.

Things You'll Need

  • PDF printer
  • PDF viewer

Step 1

Download and install the BullZip PDF Printer (

Step 2

Launch your Web browser and navigate to Google Maps (

Step 3

Type in an address, such as a postal street address, in the text box. Press the "Enter" key. Google Maps refreshes with a road map of the address.

Step 4

Click "Print" above the map. A new window appears on the browser either in a new tab or in its own window.

Step 5

Click "Print" on the top right of the page. A "Print" window appears.

Step 6

Click "Print" again and select the BullZip PDF printer. The "Bullzip PDF Printer - Create File" window appears.

Step 7

Type the name of the destination PDF file in the "File Name" text box.

Step 8

Check the "Open the document after creation" box if you want to see the PDF document after creating it.

Step 9

Check the "Open destination folder after creation" box if you want the destination folder of the PDF file to appear.

Step 10

Click the "Save" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can type in the "Notes" text box on the print page before you print.
  • You can zoom in or out of the map before you print.
  • You can drag your mouse on the map to view different areas and find a specific area to print.
  • You can select a Satellite view of the map. However, Google Maps will only print a road map.