How to Convert a Microsoft Word Document to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

By Dario Saandvik

Microsoft Excel is the most full-featured spreadsheet editor available on the market, but it's terrible for word processing, so if you want to import large bodies of text into a spreadsheet, the best method is to use another word processing program to compose your text. Microsoft Word is the standard word processing software in most office environments, and what's more, it provides easy tools for converting Word documents into Excel spreadsheets. This sort of conversion is particularly useful for turning lists or tables in a Word document into data in cells on an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Word document and a blank Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2

Select the items in the Word document that you wish to move to Excel by clicking on one corner and dragging across to the opposite corner.

Step 3

Click on "Edit" and then "Copy," and then click over to your Excel spreadsheet.

Step 4

Click on the cell where you want your table to start, and click on "Edit" and then "Paste." The first piece of information you copied will go there, and other pieces of information (if they're on separate lines) will go in rows downward from there. If you've selected a table within a Word document, it will be placed in separate rows and columns just as it appeared in the original table.